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If you like TimeSprite enough to risk installing a crack, why not buy it?

It's easier and you won’t risk infecting your computer with viruses, spyware or other malware disguised as a software crack. For only $34.95 it's not worth the risk. How much time or money would it cost to remove a virus? Buying the software also entitles you to upgrades and support.

TimeSprite is developed by a small company. If you like it and find it useful, then please pay us for our hard work. You can download and try it for free to see if you think it is worth the investment.

A Crack Might Not Work Anyway

The TimeSprite cracks we have tested (using a temporary virtual system to protect us from malware, of course) didn't work properly. Crackers rarely crack software for their own use, so they are unlikely to spend a lot of time testing the software they crack. Once a program appears to be cracked they're done and they move onto the next program. We found that cracked versions of TimeSprite had functions that didn't work properly. And no, we are not going to provide any hints for the crackers about the problems!

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