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How to Track the Time You Spend Online

Let Your Computer Do Your TimeSheet

If you work on a computer and fill in a timesheet, TimeSprite is a program you won't want to do without.

Nobody enjoys doing their timesheet. You either meticulously track everything you do, end up scratching your head wondering how you spent your time, or simply guess at your timesheet entries - or all 3!

TimeSprite can eliminate these problems. TimeSprite keeps track of what you are working on when you are using your computer. You can see reports on how you spent your time, and assign items to groups for your timesheet.

You have control over what is recorded. You can pause and resume recording and add, delete or modify entries to adjust the time reported.

You can control exactly which entries appear in the generated timesheet.

You can copy and paste data or export it to CSV files so you can work with it in other applications like Excel.

How it Works

Once a minute the TimeSprite Monitor records the title of the active window. If you haven't used the keyboard or mouse for more than 5 minutes, recording stops.

TimeSprite takes the recorded information and intelligently groups similar titles to report how you spent your time.

You can assign titles or groups of titles to your own groups. These groups are used to produce TimeSprite's weekly and monthly timesheets.

You can also assign blocks of time from the Journal view to a group, e.g.. all time on Monday morning.

Working Away From Your Computer

You can also track time away from the computer. You can set your own activity in the TimeSprite Monitor, instead of tracking the active window. When you have selected a specific activity, recording continues even if you are not using the computer.

This can also be used if you prefer to switch activities manually instead of recording the active window.

For more screenshots see the Online Documentation


Obviously, keeping a record of your activities on the computer raises privacy concerns. TimeSprite is intended as a personal time management tool, rather than as a way for others to monitor your activities. TimeSprite has several features to address privacy issues:

System requirements

TimeSprite runs on Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

TimeSprite costs $34.95 (US)

Money back promise: If you are unhappy with TimeSprite, we will refund your money within 45 days of purchase, no questions asked.