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How to Track the Time You Spend Online

TimeSprite supports FogBugz time tracking

TimeSprite can now exchange time tracking data with FogBugz Version 6 from Fog Creek Software. It uses the FogBugz API to send and receive information about cases and recorded time. FogBugz uses time tracking data in its new Evidence Based Scheduling functions.

The TimeSprite FogBugz integration allows you to:

TimeSprite makes the FogBugz time tracking significantly easier to use.

There are several ways you can use TimeSprite with FogBugz:

Tracking time with FogBugz

If you use FogBugz for your time tracking, TimeSprite can download the information for easier viewing. Once you have entered the connection information, simply click the arrow to download times for the current interval.

Tracking time with TimeSprite

TimeSprite can send its time tracking information to FogBugz. You can either select your current case in the TimeSprite monitor using the system tray icon, or assign time to cases later in the TimeSprite Journal.

Selecting the current case from the system tray

Assigning a case number to time in the journal

TimeSprite tracks when you are actually using your computer, so you can get more accurate time records.

When you want to send the data to FogBugz, click the arrow to upload the data. Intervals which have not yet been sent will be uploaded.
Tracking time in both

You can track your time in FogBugz, and combine the records with TimeSprite’s automatic tracking. Let TimeSprite automatically track what you are working on, and periodically download the data from FogBugz. You can then see the FogBugz case information alongside TimeSprite’s record of which applications and documents you were using.

Time tracking information from FogBugz will override the FogBugz case information in TimeSprite. TimeSprite will not upload changes if there are already time records for the same interval. However, it will keep trying. To get rid of the error message when you upload the data either:

Setting up the connection

To enable TimeSprite’s FogBugz integration, go to the TimeSprite settings page (Edit->Settings).

Enter the URL of your FogBugz system, typically something like or, your user name, and password.