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How to Track the Time You Spend Online

Time Management with TimeSprite

Computers are time thieves. Who hasn't spent the day on the computer, and at the end wondered where all that time went?

The first step in making more productive use of your time is understanding how you currently use it.

It can be difficult to judge how much time you really spend on different tasks. There are many distractions on your computer that can take time away from productive work. How much time do you spend responding to email, or just surfing the Web, and how much do you spend on your important projects? A few minutes here and there adds up over a day or a week. TimeSprite can tell you how you really spend your time.

A clear picture of how you spend your time

Once a minute, TimeSprite records the title of the active window on your computer. You can then view a report of how much time you spent on different activities. Similar titles are automatically grouped together to provide a summary of your time. You can also define your own groups to refine the report. You can see the total time you spent on different activities, or view the time as a journal or daily or weekly timesheets.

For more screenshots see the Online Documentation

Make changes, and measure the difference

Once you know how you spend your time, you can decide where to make changes. For example, you might decide that processing your email once or twice per day instead of keeping your mail program open all the time would be more efficient. You can change how you work, and use TimeSprite to measure how much of a difference the change makes.

You can even set reminders to notify you when you have spent a set amount of time on an activity.


Obviously, keeping a record of your activities on the computer raises privacy concerns. TimeSprite is intended as a personal time management tool, rather than as a way for others to monitor your activities. TimeSprite has several features to address privacy issues:

System requirements

TimeSprite runs on Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

TimeSprite costs $34.95 (US)

Money back promise: If you are unhappy with TimeSprite, we will refund your money within 45 days of purchase, no questions asked.