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Automatic Time Logging with TimeSprite

TimeSprite logs time in 2 different ways:

  1. Automatic time logging. TimeSprite records the title of the active window on your computer as you work. When you haven't used the keyboard or mouse for 5 minutes, recording stops. TimeSprite groups and summarizes similar window titles to report how you spent your time.
  2. Manually selecting activities. You set your activity in the TimeSprite Monitor, and it records time against that activity until you change it. Recording continues even if you are not using the computer, to allow you to record time away from the computer. The TimeSprite monitor is designed to take up minimal screen space, so you can leave it in a convenient place on the screen and change activities with a couple of mouse clicks.

You can mix these 2 methods as required. TimeSprite can then report how you spent your time for daily, weekly, monthly or custom time periods. You can even export the data to CSV files and import it into Excel or other applications.

For more screenshots see the Online Documentation


Obviously, keeping a record of your activities on the computer raises privacy concerns. TimeSprite is intended as a personal time management tool, rather than as a way for others to monitor your activities. TimeSprite has several features to address privacy issues:

System requirements

TimeSprite runs on Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

TimeSprite costs $34.95 (US)

Money back promise: If you are unhappy with TimeSprite, we will refund your money within 45 days of purchase, no questions asked.