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How to Track the Time You Spend Online

How to Track the Time You Spend Online

Who hasn't spent a few hours online, then wondered where all that time went. Wouldn't it be good to be able to see a record of what you did, and even get a reminder when you reach a certain amount of time?

TimeSprite can do that for you. It uses the title of your active window to keep track of how you are spending time on the computer. Titles are grouped so you can see how much time you spent in particular applications, and even on which web sites. You can set time limits on groups, and TimeSprite will notify you when that time is reached.

Most websites use recognizable titles for their pages, which web browsers show in the title bar. This allows TimeSprite to automatically group the time spent on different websites. You can also manually group the sites - for example, you might want to group sites into "Work Related" and "Non-Work Related". You can then assign notification and reminder intervals to the "Non-Work Related" group.

If you set the "Non-Work Related" notification time to 60 minutes, and the reminder to 15 minutes, TimeSprite would notify you after you spent 60 minutes on things in the "Non-Work Related" group, and repeat the reminder every 15 minutes.