Introduction to TimeSprite
The TimeSprite Monitor
The Main TimeSpite Application
TimeSprite Settings
How you spent your time
Creating a Timesheet
Grouping Data
Editing Groups
Editing Data
Adding Time
Exporting Data to CSV files
Exporting and Importing Data
The TimeSprite Database
Changing the Database Location
Compacting the Database
FogBugz Integration Introduction
Setting up the FogBugz connection
Exchanging data with FogBugz

Creating a Timesheet

TimeSprite can automatically create weekly and monthly timesheets. The entries in the timesheet are the groups you have defined. Times that are not assigned to one of the groups you defined are listed in the "Unclassified" line.

To create a timesheet:

  1. Assign automatically created groups and windows to groups in the Time window. This grouping applies to all times, so once you have done it once you should only have to assign new or changed items in the future.
  2. Adjust the grouping if necessary using the Journal window. You can assign blocks of time to specific groups here, and override the groups assigned in step 1.
  3. You can add or delete time if necessary to adjust the final totals.

You can use copy and paste to transfer the data to applications like Excel, or export the timesheet to a CSV file which can also be opened by Excel.

Tip: If you need a permanent record of the timesheet, you should export it to a CSV file. If you later modify the grouping used in step 1, the timesheet created by TimeSprite might change.

Controlling which groups are included

You can choose which groups to include in the timesheet in the Manage Groups window.