Introduction to TimeSprite
The TimeSprite Monitor
The Main TimeSpite Application
TimeSprite Settings
How you spent your time
Creating a Timesheet
Grouping Data
Editing Groups
Editing Data
Adding Time
Exporting Data to CSV files
Exporting and Importing Data
The TimeSprite Database
Changing the Database Location
Compacting the Database
FogBugz Integration Introduction
Setting up the FogBugz connection
Exchanging data with FogBugz


The Journal view shows you your activities by time. This allows you to see exactly what you were doing at a particular time. You can expand and collapse entries to see more or less detail.

Notes can be added to entries if you want to record extra information. The note is associated with the particular time, so if the grouping changes the note moves with the time. If you have added notes to entries, the tree is automatically expanded to show the notes.

You can use this window to assign all entries in a particular time range to a group. In the example below, all entries between 1:35 and 2:28 are being assigned to development. Assigning groups by time overrides all other grouping.