Introduction to TimeSprite
The TimeSprite Monitor
The Main TimeSpite Application
TimeSprite Settings
How you spent your time
Creating a Timesheet
Grouping Data
Editing Groups
Editing Data
Adding Time
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Exporting and Importing Data
The TimeSprite Database
Changing the Database Location
Compacting the Database
FogBugz Integration Introduction
Setting up the FogBugz connection
Exchanging data with FogBugz

Grouping Data

TimeSprite uses 2 types of groups for summarizing data.

Automatically generated groups

These are generated automatically as part of the classification process, and are used to group similar window titles. The group name is taken from the common parts of the window titles. These groups are not saved - they are created as needed as TimeSprite groups windows.

User Defined Groups

These are defined by you to help you organize your time. They are created automatically when you use a new group name. You can assign automatically generated groups, individual window titles or specific times to these groups. This lets you combine several groups of titles into one entry, or move particular window titles or times into a different group. These groups are used to create the weekly and monthly timesheets.

Grouping Process

TimeSprite uses the following process to assign times to groups:

  1. Grouping by time is most specific and overrides all other grouping.
  2. Group by window title. If a group has been specified for the window title, use that group.
  3. For entries that were not grouped in steps 1 and 2, look for similarities in the window titles, and create temporary groups based on the similarities.
  4. Group the automatically created groups - if an automatic group has been assigned to a user group, put the entries in that group.

When you assign groups, you should normally work in the opposite order. Assign automatically created groups to your own groups first, and group by time last. This minimizes the work you need to do to make sure groups are assigned correctly.

Assigning Groups

You assign a group by selecting one or more entries to assign and right clicking in the main window. You can assign items from the Group list, the Window list, or entries in the Journal view.

Enter a group for the selected entry, or pick a previously used group from the list. Only groups you have assigned appear in the list. The automatically generated groups do not appear.

Using groups you can assign more meaningful names to your activities.

Grouping by Time

Select the times you want to group and right click to assign a group.